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  Cruiser ECO DURA-LITE 10'6" or 11'6" Two Board Combo with Paddles, Fins, Deck Pads & 1 Yr. Warranty
Click Here for More Info - Durable, Easy to Use Cruiser SUP DURA-LITE Stand Up Paddle Board with Free Paddle, Deck Pad, Fin!
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Paddleboard Direct Exclusive - Factory Direct Savings!
Cruiser ECO COMP (DURA-LITE Epoxy /ACE-TEC) - market leader for Durability, Value & Versatility. Easy Progress or Share with Family & Friends. With Paddle, 3 Fins, Premium Deck Pad, Ergo Grip Handle & Free Shipping!* (Cruiser Adjustable Paddle Shown)

In Stock East Warehouse Only: Very Limited Quantity In Stock
Free Shipping: This product qualifies for free shipping* Extra Shipping charge for shipments to west (Subject to Freight Quote)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
(extended warranty offer ends Today)
Customer Support: Unlimited
Manufactuer: Cruiser SUP

Two Board Retail Value $2,599.00
SUPer Sale Price $2,219.00
Now from $1,999 after ADD TO CART Extra Discount


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Description:Cruiser Nalu Comfort Top SUP

Cruiser ECO Dura-Lite 10'6"

Staff Favorite! The fun, high performance, easy to use CRUISER DURA-LITE (Epoxy Composite/ASA) 10'6' is designed for families and beginners 75 to 200 pounds (expert riders up to 250 pounds in surf).

It uses the same overall concept as the larger and well proven 11'6'': big, 185 liter evenly spread volume, 31.5" width with flat deck for excellent stability. Finely balanced rocker and curved outline (with 3 fins) to make it highly maneuverable in small to medium surf. Easy to handle on the flat, light in weight and feel, it's a highly versatile and super fun SUP - suitable for a very wide range of conditions.

Easy to ride for intermediate level surfers
Incomparably long life
Light but very solid boards

Cruiser ECO-COMP 11' 6"

Based on the best selling CRUISER Dura-Max 11'4" shape, the new high performance 2012 CRUISER Dura-Lite 11'6" (Durable Epoxy Composite core & impact resistant ASA skin) is lighter, stiffer and more performance oriented. With 220 liters volume displacement, the result is more stability, bouyancy and ease of use for 200 - 300 pound beginner to advanced riders. Couple with the Dura-Lite 10'6", CRUISER Dura-Max 11'4" or 10'4" for the perfect Family and Friends combo!

Shaped for heavier weight riders, the new CRUISER SUP Dura-Lite (Epoxy Composite/ACE-TEC/ASA) 11'6" has substantial volume giving great lateral stability. And with the volume evenly spread along the length, its finely balanced rocker and longboard-style outline, it's a board that's easy to handle on the flat stuff but is still very manoeuvrable in waves. That, combined with its excellent stiffness and light weight, make this the SUP suited to the widest range of conditions of any board on the market.

A high-performance board for beginners up to 260lbs (300lbs for advanced riders) looking to explore both flatwater cruising and small wave surfing. ECO-Comp construction makes these boards stiff, light and extremely durable (30% more durable than a standard epoxy board). Shaped by Peter Hosking of Australia and tested by surfing hall of fame legend Peter Pan. Premium deck pad, carry handle and FCS 10" Dolphin center fin included.

Easy to ride for beginner to advanced level surfers
Incomparably long life
Light but very solid boards

Technical Specifications:
Length: 10'6" 11'6"
Width: 31.5" 32.5"
Thickness: 4 7/8" 4 7/8"
Weight: 26 lbs 30 lbs
Volume: 185L 215L
Center Fin Type: FCS Dolphin 10" FCS Dolphin 10"
Side Fin Type: 2FCS M5 N/A
Warranty: Three Year Three Year
Weight Range:
Beginner Up to 220 Up to 300

Advanced Up to 320 Up to 350


Dura-lite Construction

Our EPS core (E-Comp) are moulded, closed cell, and watertight. The moulded core is the key because each cell is intact with its own impermeable skin.

ECO Comp is as durable as the ECO ACS but it is Lighter, Stiffer and High Performance.

1 + 2 + 5 - Deck - 1mm ASA* protective skin + two layers of 5oz. roving fiberglass + one layer of 7oz woven fiberglass:
This lay-up is lightweight and stiff, making it very resistant to impact damage from foot compression and surf zone impacts
1 + 3 - Bottom - 1mm ASA* protective skin + two layers of 7 oz. roving fiberglass + one layer of 2oz woven fiberglass:
This lay-up is lightweight and stiff, making it very resistant to impact damage and flex
4 - Inner core: 1.5lb custom molded closed-cell polystyrene blank:
ideal density for durability and light weight. Closed-cell foam is waterproof to prevent water absorption in the event of damage.
6 - Deck Pad in premium non-slip EVA:
provides maximum comfort and grip
7 - FCS fin system:
High performance universal standard for maximum fin customization

The last 6 years have seen many changes in surfboard manufacturing.

No longer is a regular polyester foam and fibreglass regarded as the only way to make a board. Nowadays surfers are able to enjoy a much wider variety of new and innovative methods of surfboard construction that provide much improved durability without extra weight. Cruiser has been at the forefront of epoxy technology for more than 10 years, longer than any other surfboard manufacturer and was the first to develop a full range of epoxy composite surfboards.

CRUISER ECO Comp (Epoxy Composite/ASA) 10'6') construction technique produces a board that is approximately 30% more durable while being almost identical with regard to stiffness and weight when compared to a similar polyester constructed surfboard. To accommodate the needs of more advanced surfers, CRUISER ECO Comp (Epoxy Composite/ASA) 10'6' boards provide shapes that not only suit the novice to intermediate surfer, but also experienced riders who know how to ride a surfboard.

The construction process forms the top and bottom ASA surfaces of the board over aluminium moulds. These formed surfaces are then pressed over a pre-shaped, lightweight EPS foam core, (the lightest surfboard foam available) which is covered in 6-oz fibre glass cloth and epoxy resin to give the board strength.

How is Cruiser ECO-COMP production process eco-friendly?

  1. No pollution: No gas emissions, no solvents and closed circuit cooling of our molds means our employees, and everyone else, don't have to worry about what comes out of our ventilation system.
  2. Low Energy Consumption: short production cycles means less electricity is used.
  3. Zero waste production: Wherever possible excess material is grinded down and recycled back into the production process. Our steel molds ensure that only the necessary amount of material is used for each board.
  4. Extended product life-span: our boards are built to last, meaning they don't end up broken and taking up space in a landfill somewhere.

ECO-Comp construction (Exclusive to CRUISER SUP): Wrap a custom molded EPS core/fiberglass/epoxy board in a thin yet extremely durable layer of theromoformed ASA* polymer and what do you get? A stiff, lightweight board that is 30% more durable than a standard epoxy board. Tried and true, we've been making our high-end boards like this for exceptional performance and durability for over 30 years.


As VP of sales at Paddleboard Direct, I have paddled lots of boards. If we sell it, I have used it (and more than likely if we don't sell it, I have paddled it as well).

Most of my paddling is done from a rocky beach, and I am not known for gentleness when it comes to handling boards. One of the biggest gaps in SUP boards until now, has been a board that is both high performance and durable. Usually to get toughness, you have to sacrifice performance and vice versa. However, the Cruiser ECO COMP series fills that gap with authority.

While scewing the three FCS fins to the ECO COMP 10'6" (all with the same tool), I promptly dropped my full water bottle on the nose - and watched it bounce off without even a mark on the board!. I knew we had a serious construction, that needed to be put through it's paces.

First impression of the board is the ultra plush deck pad (same as Cruiser Classic and Oxbow Cruisers) and super stable feel for a relatively short board (I am 170lbs). With a quick stroke or two, it is gliding quickly and smoothly, Over chop the ECO COMP 10'6" doesn't have the trademark "flex" feeling that most Asian constructions have. Stiffness is very good - much stiffer than Asian epoxy boards. Seems really solid. Keen to try the 11'6 as well. Excellent upgrade in performance from the ECO ACS. Also a very good quality, much cheaper option than Naish AST, Surftech, Starboard, French, etc.

The ECO COMP 10'6" shape seems really good: the tracking is super straight for a 10'6" (surprised at 5 or 6 strokes per side). After an hour session on flat to choppy water, I have the ECO COMP 10'6" dialed in and averaging 4-6 strokes per side. This is way higher than I was expecting out of a 10'6. Stability is really high in the middle of the board due to the extra width in the waist. I don't have a wave session on the 10'6 yet - but gliding around wind driven swell I could feel it release down the faces and respond to foot pressure nicely (instead of just getting overwashed from behind).

At the end of the session, I whapped the ECO COMP off a rock getting out of the water, without even a scratch to the ECO COMP outer skin.My overall impression of the Eco Comp is more stoked.

Great performance, a super tough constuction (time tested for over 20 years) that comes with an unheard of 5 year warranty in the board sport industry. Anyone looking for unbeatable value (durability, performance and great $999 price) shouldn't over look the CRUISER ECO COMP Series.

Glenn Morton

Co-founder and VP Sales/Customer Service
Paddleboard Direct

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exceed expectations December 29, 2012
Reviewer: steve and sue from arkansas  
my wife is 5'2" (petite)and I'm 6' (210), the 10.6 and 11.6 work great for us on the lake.  since we haul the boards about 50 yards to the lake and I don't really want to get wet when using the boards in the late fall or early spring, I was looking for a very stable yet light board.   I was leery of ordering on line but the folks gave great advice and we had no issues with the transaction.  Last thought, I'm not a fan of kayaks because I can't get comfortable, with the paddle board I get a good workout without the discomfort.

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