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  2012 Cruiser Classic LTD 11'6" - SOLD OUT
Click Here for More Info - 2012 Cruiser Classic Bamboo  11'6" SUP with Free Paddle, Pad & Shipping*
2012 Cruiser Classic BAMBOO LTD Edition has 2 removable FCS Side FIns, Center Fin, Integrated Center Carry Handle & Premium Deck Pad. 1 Year Warranty backed by most reputable company in the industry. (Cruiser Adjustable Paddle Shown)

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One left in Canada - likelihood to sell out very high
Order now for SUP Fun and Fitness!


Product Code: 2012CRUISERCLASSICLTD116

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Cruiser Classic 11' 6"

The name says it all. The Cruiser range offers great all-round performance on flat water and small to medium waves. We have used the best selling Cruiser Classic 11'6" Stand Up Paddleboard extensively.Big and Easy at 200 liters of volume,the 11'6" isawesome for flat water touring and small to medium waves. Stable, fun, easy to use and fast glide for cruising.

Shaped with a long flat bottom and deck, the Cruiser range ensures fast flat water paddling performance and excellent straight line tracking. The result is easy cruising and performance up to the recreational flat water racing level.

Classic surf shape, V through the middle of the hull and rocker in the nose and tail ensure easy turning ability while riding waves. You will easily pick up small waves, while excellent control in medium size waves. Surfing has never been so easy!




Dimensions: 11'6" x 30" x 4.8"
Fin: 9' Glass Center Fin
Two Tail Leash Attachemnt Points for Tandem Riding - put kids on the nose of the board!
Volume: 200L

Peter Hosking
Construction: Light Weight Epoxy Sandwich with EPS Foam Core
Deck Glassing: 3 x 6oz.
Bottom Glassing: 2 x 6oz. with extra 1 x 6oz. fin patch
Extra nose, tail and rail reinforcement
Wood stringer
Two Pack High Gloss Polymer Finish


Cruiser Classic Size Chart

In head to head comparison between the Cruiser 11'6" and the Naish Glide 12', our staffjudges the Cruiser 11'6" tracksmuch straighter in flat water than the Naish Glide 12' - and comparable glide speed!
The big and easy Cruiser Classic Stand Up Paddleboard for medium weight to heavier riders, flat watertouring and small to medium waves. Stable, fun, easy to use and fast glide for cruising.
Customers enjoy it's light weight and loose feelin small to medium waves. If flat water cruising with the ability tocharge a few waves is your goal, the 11'6" is the board for you.

Cruiser Fin Installation Video


The Cruiser 11'6" is an extremely versatile board for flat water and waves:
"With an attractive "classic surfboard shape" and "nice rocker for wave riding, nose riding and maneuverability," this board had "great glide per stroke," New York Times test Sept. 2009

Quality Cruiser Classic 11'6" Packages with Free Delivery - the Best Value, Performance and Ease of Use!

We have used the best selling Cruiser Classic 11'6" extensively. Big and Easy for riders up to 235 lbs. due to 200 liters of volume, the 11'6" is extremely versatile and awesome for flat water touring, recreational racing and cross over fun in small to medium waves. Stable, fun, easy to use and fast glide for cruising. Tracks like it is on rails! Surprisingly fast glide - better than many more expensive and specialized boards!

PBD sales manager Glenn reviews the Cruiser 11'6"
If you had only seen pictures of the Cruiser Classic series, you would likely walk right by it on the beach as you wouldn't recognize it. Our website images supplied by Cruiser Classic don't illustrate how gorgeous the board really is when you see it. The ultra glossy finish and intricate inlaid graphics make this one of the best looking boards on the water. There is no denying that performance in any sport comes partially from inspiration you get from your equipment and the Cruiser 11'6 with its glossy striking red and quality deck pad will give you all the inspiration you need for any level of performance.
Stepping on the 30" width will let anyone up to 240/250lbs feel super stable -and the wide point sustains for a good length of the rail so the stability covers a large point of the area covered by the deck pad. A lot of "freeride" or "crossover" boards get an initial surge of movement forward from each paddle stroke, and then slow quickly without much glide. However, the rail length and bottom shape of the 11'6 puts its glide on level, if not higher than several other brands dedicated flat water gliding boards. With each paddle stroke you get full transfer of power from the stroke to the board, and the glide is maintained regardless of your paddling cadence - which make the Cruiser a flat water dream and one that you can cruise the shoreline at sunset, but also take a stab at open class racing with.
Great glide combined with small or marginal surf equals catching a ton of waves. Spin the Cruiser around outside the break and line up essentially anything you want and you can turn a golf day into a fantastic surf day. A few good strokes and you are up to speed to track down any wave (even fast moving, low power inland lake boat wakes!). With most SUP's you need to have a flat water board for fast gliding, and a wave board for riding - but the the Cruiser 11'6 is both rolled into one board.
The strength of the Cruiser 11'6 is quality, versatility, stability, ease of use and performance all wrapped up in a beautiful looking package at an unbelievable price " the best value on the market.

Dear Glenn,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your expertise, for your patience and your recommendations. I love my Cruiser Classic 11'6. The board performs exactly as you said it would and is more beautiful than the photo's on your web site illustrate.
I paddled the Oxbow last weekend in Sterling Harbor in flat water and I was thrilled with it's performance. I then paddled out into the Peconic Bay with conditions I can only describe as powerboat wake slop. The Cruiser Classic handled these conditions beautifully. I could not be more impressed.
It's has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and Paddle Board Direct.
Best Regards,
Jim C.
Port Washington

Glenn / Mike / Michelle (and the rest of the crew at PBD),
Just wanted to let you know what an awesome experience I had with the Cruiser Claasic 11' board package I bought from you. After the very quick delivery of the board to the Deer Park YRC terminal this morning, I was extremely impressed with bubble-wrap packaging of board. It was well protected!
Upon opening bubble-wrap, I was blown away by the look of the board. The pictures on yours and bics website do not do it justice. And the back/ under-side is gorgeous. It's one of the most beautiful surfboards I've seen. And my wife loves the look too (very important!).
After installing the pad (easy), I went for a paddle in the flat waters of the Great South Bay, only my 2nd time ever on a SUP board. It was pure joy, what an amazing board. My 8 yr old son also joined me, with both of us on board and then him paddling solo. The Jungle adjustable paddle was just perfect for his paddling.
I've been an avid kayak surfer for 10 years now, yet always pined to surf but always struggled paddling out in the waves. Clearly, the rocker of the Cruiser Classic board will be great in the surf, my goal by the end of the week in our typical 2ft surf on Fire Island's south- facing beach. While I am not the first in my town with a SUP, I will be the first in the surf, and all my surf buddies are already lining up for a turn.
Today was just a super day for me, thank you so much for providing me with so much enjoyment, and I just cant wait to use the board and get more experience with it. More than happy to provide any direct quotes for your websites and references for your customers.
Jon W.
Fire Island, NY




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