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Cruiser SUP Boards Built at ECO Factory in Europe

Cruiser SUP Factory Tour

Cruiser-SUP Boards are Built in Greenest Factory
in the World Our ECO Dura-Max and Dura-Lite boards are produced in a High Tech/Zero Emissions European Factory (not China or Asia)

Using time proven, eco friendly PE shell (over 1 million boards built since 1979) with waterproof closed cell polyurethane foam core - stiffer and much more durable than hand shaped budget brands.

There are two components to this question - the factory and the durability of the construction. Cruiser ECO Dura-Max and Dura-Lite boards are produced in the most Eco friendly and Green board factory in the world.

Using the most advanced, European based board factory, the ECO ECO Dura-Max and Dura-Lite board factory is very safe for the factory workers with no toxic materials, zero emissions and little waste material (most waste material is recycled at the factory). Secondly, due to the durability of theECO Dura-Max and Dura-Lite (Epoxy Composite/ASA) construction, you do not find boards in landfills or left broken on the beach. Most of the hundreds of thousands of surf and windsurf boards produced in ECO Dura-Max and Dura-Lite since the 80' are still in use today.

Cruiser Paddle Board Factory   Mold and shell

Mold and foaming

  Cruiser Paddleboard Facotry Tour
Cruiser Paddleboard Facotry  


ECO Dura-Max Shell with deck pad installed


ECO Dura-Max Twin sheet shell

  Paddle Board Facotry Tour
Paddle Board Factory Images  

ECO Dura-Lite
Laying up the glass layers
over machined EPS core


ECO Dura-Max before foam injected

  ECO Before Foam Injected
ECO Before Foam Injected  

ECO Dura-Max before foam injected

The result?
Industry Leading Manufacturer's Warranty:
3 Year Warranty for the Cruiser
ECO Dura-Lite 10'6" & 11'6"!

Cruiser SUP


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