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Top 10 Questions and Answers Before Purchasing a New Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Why PaddleBoard Direct is the #1 SUP Retailer and The Name Stand Up Paddle Boarders Trust. We're Here to Help - Before and After Your Purchase.
Stand up Paddleboard Sizes
Question One: Above all - what is the best size and style of board for your needs (and family/friends). It's all about what best suits your needs and budget. Any explanation of how great a board is without knowing anything about the rider is a bad sign. The first questions should always be about you - where do you paddle, how much do you (or friends/family) weigh, what are your conditions, what aspect of SUP do you want to do - flat water, waves, touring, yoga, fitness, etc.
Customer Service
Question Two: Which retailer has the best Reputation, Service and Personnel? What is the culture of the company and commitment to excellent customer service? Paddleboard Direct is widely recognized as the industry leader for customer service, quality products and unmatched value. We raise the bar and other on-line retailers attempt to copy or emulate us.

The Paddleboard Direct difference is our people. From PaddleBoard Direct founder Mike, to Sales/General Manager Glenn, Customer Service Managers Gen, Sonia and Shipping Manger Jeremy, our team is the best in the industry. Our culture is is quite simple - under promise and over deliver to our valued customers and fellow stand up paddlers.
Paddle Board Brands
Question Three : After discussing your needs as a paddler, any serious SUP retailer will have several options of boards in stock to offer you. Limited selection or depth of brands is a sure sign that you are being sold something that may not suit your needs. No need to look at 10 different board options (that will just confuse matters) however, one or two boards offered by a retailer likely isn't the right fit for you.

Feel free to ask our Pros the difference between brands in terms of construction, materials, intended use, brand history, shaper, warranty - any experienced retailer will be more than happy to answer.
Cruiser SUP Kona Paddleboard with Paddle
Question Four: What comes with my package? There should be options when it comes to paddle style, material, fixed length vs adjustable, grip choice amongst others. A skilled retailer will be able to explain and help you select the best option for you. Once your board model and size is selected, things like construction can be reviewed and compared to other available options.

Question Five: What package is the best value? The best value is the board package you will be happiest with long term. It offers the best performance for your needs and long term durability. The key component to the value of the package is the board - the shape, size, construction, durability.

We offer only top quality boards with proven long term durability, from major manufacturers. Our packages start with alloy paddle/plastic blade (better for kids, families). We also offer adjustable length 50% carbon paddle option - great for women and lighter guys since some 100% carbon paddles may be too stiff for women, kids or adults with sore shoulders. 50% carbon paddles are a great combination of durability, low weight and value - only $49 upgrade over free alloy paddle in our board packages.

Many 100% Carbon paddles are less durable than alloy/plastic paddles. 100% Carbon has no elasticity to it, so if you bend too hard on the shaft or hit the blade on a rock, it will break. Many adjustable carbon paddles are little better (yet more fragile) than alloy adjustable paddles due to the flex and weight of the adjustment mechanism. Cruiser SUP brand Carbon/Fiber paddles are the best combination of low weight, stiffness and durability.

Cruiser SUP Warranty
Question Six: Ask the retailer about their warranty - How long is the warranty for manufacturers defects and what does it cover.

All of the Cruiser SUP brand boards we offer have a one year warranty against manufacturers defects. CRUISER ECO Dura-Lite 10'6 and 11'6" have an Industry Leading ONE YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturers defects!

If we experience warranty problems with a board, we take it off our web site. Our boards are also backed by the most reputable manufacturers in the business - many that have been in business up to 30 years. The manufacturers and Paddleboard Direct will be here for many years to come.

We are certain all you care is that you deal with a reputable retailer, with a proven record and long term history of excellent customer service.

Paddleboard Cutaway
Question Seven: What is the Construction? How durable is it? Is it impact resistant? Will the board deck soften quickly and delaminate? The boards we offer are built with the best quality materials and workmanship. And backed by the most reputable companies in the industry

Who is the shaper? Many Cruiser SUP brand boards are shaped by Australian Peter Hosking. Any legitimate brand mention who their shaper is (though we have seen Asian brands using shaper names that have never shaped a SUP!). No mention of shaper is a good sign that they are just knock off copies of other brands or have little development to get the best shape for each size of board.

Cruiser SUP Dura-Max and Dura-Lite are built in Europe, using the most technically advanced board factory in the world - that has produced over 1 million boards over the past 30 years! It doesn't hurt to do more research on sites such as www.standupzone.com about the quality of boards built in China or Asia - they are not created equal. Some Asian factories have a very good record, however, many do not represent value due to durability issues (delamination, flexing hull, deck pad problems, heel dents, spider cracks and fading on boards that don't have painted finish) .
Green Board Factory
Question Eight: Is the Construction Eco friendly? There are two components to this question - the factory and the durability of the construction. Cruiser SUP brand ECO Dura-Max and ECO Dura-Lite boards are produced in the most Eco friendly and Green board factory in the world (the largest surfboard and windsurf brand in the world with over One Million boards produced in Europe).

Using the most advanced, European based board factory, the Cruiser SUP ECO Dura-Max and ECO Dura-Lite board factory is very safe for the factory workers with no toxic materials, zero emissions and little waste material (most waste material is recycled at the factory). Secondly, due to the durability of the Cruiser SUP ECO Dura-Max and ECO Dura-Lite (Epoxy Composite/ASA) construction, you do not find boards in landfills or left broken on the beach. Most of the hundreds of thousands of surf and windsurf boards produced in Cruiser SUP ECO Dura-Max and ECO Dura-Lite since the 80' are still in use today.
Question Nine: Is the board in stock to ship ASAP? How long will it take to arrive? Is it insured? Is the shipment double boxed for safety. Anyone with experience shipping in the surf industry knows that the factory boxes are not tough enough for shipping by transport truck - no matter how much extra material is inside the single factory board box. Will I get a tracking number for my shipment? Is the carrier a well known national carrier (such as www.yrc.com) that the retailer has used for many years.
Question Ten: What about the retailer you are buying from - ask questions. How long has the retailer been in business and what is their service history? Paddleboard Direct has been in business over 20 years and recognized as industry leader for customer service. PaddleBoard Direct is the name you can trust. How long has the sales rep worked at the company and what is their reputation? How many paddle sessions does the rep get a week? Does the retailer offer a wide selection of products, brands, styles of boards, etc?
Paddleboard Direct - Owner and sales manager

We offer many leading brands and test competitors stand up paddle boards.
We judge Cruiser SUP paddle boards to offer the Best Value,
Versatility and Quality for families or recreational performance customers.

Cruiser SUP Warranty

Get the straight facts before you buy. There are many exaggerated claims and much misleading information on web sites that sell only their own hand shaped, budget/entry level SUP brand with 30 day warranty. Ask us how Cruiser SUP with 1 year warranty , BIC, NSP and Surftech paddleboards and proven quality compare to lower and higher priced brands.

We are North America's #1 SUP Retailer.
Count on Our 20 Year History of Customer Service Excellence.
Ask Our Industry Leading Pros Which Board/Paddle Combo is Best for You. We Use Them. We Know Them.

Paddleboards Are Double Boxed

What Our Customers are Saying:
"Over many years, I've purchased much equipment from Paddleboard Direct. The service is always fantastic and your recommendations always right. More than ever I'm happy to refer people (clients and friends) to you. Believe me, there will be more purchases to come.. The experience is always great." Vincent

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Woman on Paddleboard with Child

Cruiser SUP brand epoxy Stand Up Paddle boards share the same fun, easy to use performance shapes as the Oxbow Cruiser line - at a lower price for even better value. Machine shaped exact replicas with the same quality materials, durable molded construction and impeccable warranty rate - much better than hand shaped, vacuum bagged entry level budget brands.

Cruiser SUP ECO Dura-Max 10'4" and 11'4" are Constructed with an extremely durable molded polyethylene outer shell, filled with stiff closed cell polyurethane foam (doesn't absorb water).

Cruiser SUP ECO Dura-Lite Epoxy/ASA 10'6" and 10'6" has molded, closed cell and watertight EPS core. The molded core is the key because each cell is intact with its own impermeable skin. ECO Dura-Lite is as durable as the ECO Dura-Max but it is Lighter, Stiffer and High Performance. .

Cruiser SUP Classic paddle boards offer industry leading recreational performance, versatility and ease of use. Designed primarily for flat water and small surf, they offer excellent flat water glide and tracking.

Performance is better than many flat water touring, glide and "lake rider" boards we have tested. With classic longboard surf shape and nose/tail rocker, the Cruisers surf well in medium waves due to easy turning and take off.

Cruiser Classic 11'-12' are great all round boards that out perform many boards costing over $1,500! Ask which Cruiser size will work best for you.

We offer many leading brands and test competitors stand up paddle boards. We judge Cruiser SUP paddle boards to offer the Best Value, Versatility and Quality for families or recreational performance customers.

Get the straight facts before you buy. We don't offer every brand - just the leading brands with best value, quality and performance. Ask us how Cruiser SUP paddleboards compare to lower and higher priced brands.

Man on SUP

Count on Industry Leading Pros & 20 years of Unmatched Service .
Ask Which Stand Up Paddle Board Combo is Best for You.
We Use Them. We Know Them.

Call The Pros - We're Here to Help.
Before and After Your Purchase.

"Hey Glen,
Picked up the Cruiser SUP Classic board this weekend. Thank you so much for the excellent advice on choosing a board to suit my paddling and for a smooth transaction. Many kudos to your packing team...had I known I would have added a dozen eggs with the order. As for the Cruiser Kona Classic board itself (and board bag & paddle),it is a giant step up from what I expected as far as workmanship, quality,and looks. For the time being it stands in our living room as a proud work of art.

I definitely recommend Paddleboard Direct for a truly professional service.
Thanks again." Guy

Super fun and a great workout
Reviewer: Jay Zaroda

"I bought two Cruiser Kona Classic 11'6" for my wife and I and we cannot use them enough! On the lake, of the beach, wherever... Such a fun time and great core workout. My only issue is waiting for everyone else to have a turn before I go out again!
The boards are light enough for my wife to load on top of the Santa Fe and for my 10 year old cousin to carry down to the lake.
I often get asked why I didn't just buy them from (insert local retailer) but once they see the quality of the Cruiser SUP Ultra-Lite Bamboo they understand.
I love these boards and will purchase more as my children get old enough to go on their own."

I bought two Cruiser Kona Classic boards for my husband and brother.
Reviewer: M. Long from Utah

Beautiful boards, complete with compliments everywhere we go. Stable and SUPER fast. Great workout, but not hard to use. The adjustable paddles they came with are awesome and make the board itself more versatile. The boards came respectfully packaged and shipped fast.

I suggest buying from PBD. Easy to communicate with. Quick to answer questions and very knowledgeable. After I purchased the boards, I've seen it become more popular here. There are lots of places that sell them now. JUNK! Cheap JUNK and unnecessarily expensive. You won't find a good board and the customer service "eye candy" at the local sports stores know nothing. I'm saving up for another board and I know exactly where I'm getting it. "

Not Certain Which Board Package is Best for Your Needs or Budget?
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With Industry Leading Customer Service

Free Shipping and Paddle

Getting a new board without a paddle, is like getting a new car without the keys. Every board we sell is supplied with a free, high quality adjustable length paddle, so that you are ready to hit the water.

Our board packaging is the best in the business, therefore, shipping damage is very rare. Each and every board shipment from our warehouse is double boxed for shipping safety. We are proud to offer free shipping* right to your door, for most locations within the continental US (*restrictions may apply).

We Use Them, You Know Them

Five Star rated Cruiser SUP brand boards are available exclusively at Paddleboard Direct, to ensure customers receive industry leading service and factory direct savings.

Cruiser SUP brand products are higher quality than brands selling for hundreds of dollars more, while massively better than any boards that are close in price. If considering lower priced boards, Cruiser SUP products represents a much better value, due to their durability, ease of use and light, lively feel.

Cruiser SUP brand boards are our best sellers, far exceeding all other board brands sold at PBD combined.

We Use Them, You Know Them

Our staff of veteran paddle boarders and watermen/women can guide you through purchasing the best equipment for your needs and budget. Our selection of boards, paddles, and accessories are handpicked by our experts, after extensive product testing.

Our team determines the finest selection of products available, and any member of our sales team can offer expert advice, derived from extensive paddle and surf experience .

We Are Here to Help. Before and After Your Purchase!

Best Selling CRUISER SUP Brand
See the Difference. Feel the Difference.

Free Shipping and Paddle

Premium Quality and Craftsmanship.
Without the Premium Price.

The team at Cruiser SUP is extremely dedicated to your long term enjoyment of the sport and Cruiser SUP brand products. Cruiser SUP products have industry leading standards of workmanship and attention to detail.

Cruiser SUP management has over 20 years experience in the paddle board and windsurf business, resulting in very high quality standards for the Cruiser SUP brand.

Designed in USA

Light and Lively Feel

Cruiser SUP brand quality starts with product development and design in the U.S. After extensive testing, the shapes and materials that offer the best combination of durability, light weight, ease of use and performance are selected. All Cruiser SUP board cores are shaped on CNC machines and then compression molded, for consistently accurate shapes and extra durability.

The result is a light and lively feel that is unique to Cruiser SUP brand boards.

30 Day Price Guarantee

Cruiser SUP brand boards have a One Year Warranty (from date of purchase), against defects in material and workmanship.

Cruiser SUP boards are backed by the most reputable manufacturers in the business (up to 30 years in business). With industry leading focus on quality materials, design and workmanship, warranty claims are among the lowest (and highest customer satisfaction) in the industry.