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Bags, leashes, paddles, rack accessories and everything else that you could possible think of. We have the biggest selection of paddles ranging from alloy through 100% carbon, board bags to fit any size board, and everything else you could possibly ever need.

At Paddleboard Direct, if we sell it, we use it, and we know it.

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The first question we ask is how much do you (or friends/family) weigh? What are the conditions where you paddle or surf? What is your previous SUP, surf , windsurf or paddling experience? What aspect of SUP appeals to you - flat water, waves, touring, yoga etc.? Is recreational fun, fitness and relaxation or performance SUP your goal.

Please note that the Search By User Weight or Board Length Guide is ideal weight in flat water and small waves. Beginners or families can share larger boards. Experts in surf and aggressive novices seeking to progress can use smaller boards. Length, width, volume, rocker line and outline are very important points that vary from board to board - you can't just look at the raw numbers.

Can't decide which Board Package is best for you? Please Call 1-888-291-9905 or E-mail our Pros for Expert Advice. We'll take the time to determine which board best suits your initial and long term needs. We're happy to suggest the best option for your needs and budget! We Use Them. We Know Them.