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Paddleboards are made in a huge variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and construction. Let us take out the confusion of all the available options by calling our experts at 888-291-9905, or email at info@paddleboarddirect.com.

At Paddleboard Direct - if you don't SUP, you can't work here. All of our sales staff are watermen and water-woman who all SUP, and most do other boards sports like surfing or windsurfing (or in most cases, all three!) Why take advice on what to get from someone who has never been on a board when you can talk to someone at Paddleboard Direct who has firsthand knowledge of how everything we sell paddles in a huge variety of conditions.

You will get advice from our staff of experts who have paddled everything we sell, and can suggest the best board for your needs and budget.
At Paddleboard Direct, if we sell it, we use it, and we know it.

Not Certain Which Board Package is Best for Your Needs or Budget?
Save Time & Make The Best Selection
Call 888-291-9905. E-Mail Today for Our Expert Staff Advice!