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Customer Reviews & Product Testimonials

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Buying Experience - 5 out of 5 stars!
It's still a white frozen world here in Montana, but I ordered my paddle boards in anticipation of this next summer. They arrived very well packaged (a ton of cardboard that my kids loved playing in). I left both boards in my living room for a couple of days. The whole family played on them. I did yoga a few times on them. The cat slept on them. We already love them and they haven't even been on the water yet.

Thank you for an amazing shopping experience and great deal. I'm sure they will be used repeatedly this summer season!

Rhoda, Small Town, Montana

Super SUP service! - 5 out of 5 stars!
Being from Missouri, we have no knowledge or experience with paddleboards, but our son wanted one for Christmas. An internet search led us to Paddleboard Direct. We are very happy with the SUP we bought - happy with the product, the delivery (a Yellow Freight truck stopped right in front of our house, to the delight of our neighbor's kids!), the way it was packed (yards and yards of bubble wrap I was able to re-use), and the questions we had that were promptly answered by the experts from Paddleboard Direct by e-mail.

We were nervous about making this large purchase, buying it sight unseen, and our own ignorance of what we were buying. We could not be happier, and recommend this company with the highest enthusiasm! They were superb. I wish there were more customer service experiences like this.

Gary and Diane Hargrave, St. Joseph, MO

Buying Experience - 5 out of 5 stars!
Loved everything about this transaction, ordering was easy, had a few questions about boards for my daughters and Success on Christmas morning when they received them, will order from them again

Cheri, Wisconsin

Buying Experience - 5 out of 5 stars! "
We went out for a paddle on our new board December 27 in cold New England. Felt very stable that we weren't going to go into the frigid water. The board was light enough to carry an 1/8th of a mile down to the water. Great all around board for all ages and experience.

Matt Holland, Bristol, RI

Buying Experience - 5 out of 5 stars!
"Although it's an Internet purchase, it's quite clear that somebody is monitoring the other end of the "line" at Paddle Board Direct. My board was backordered, but rather than just charge my credit card in caveat emptor fashion (and make me chase delivery dates), the Paddleboard Direct staff stayed in touch as to delivery ETA. They did not charge me until they had a firm window and my approval to process. The triple packaging protected it from major damage but it did get a small ding.Thankfully, I had been provided very specific acceptance instructions - twice. Paddle Board Direct offered to replace or offer repair instructions and compensation. I accepted the latter and the process thus far has been quick and painless.

Kudos to PBD for not letting the Internet automation element get in the way of top notch customer service; BEST buying experience in years!"

Mike, Westchester, NY

Great Purchase.... 5 out of 5 stars!
"I looked at other companies and kept coming back to Paddleboard Direct. I got the personalized service that I have never received elsewhere (for anything) before! The questions I asked got me the correct board for my family. At first I thought it would be too expensive, but I have rethought that now, since I know I won't have to replace it later due to a board that wouldn't work for us. Couldn't be happier"

Ann Kropp, Martin GA

Better then expected!!!! - 5 out of 5 stars!
I cannot begin to tell you just how pleased we are with your company, your service ....and our two new boards (Cruiser SUP Nalu and Wahine UltraLite Bamboo!! I was so skeptical about ordering boards online but the local shops just couldn't meet our specific needs. After searching for weeks in all of our local surf shops, we started searching online and found Paddleboarddirect!

Even though you had a great feedback and positive reviews, we were still skeptical!! But, I have to say that you more then exceeded our expectations!!!! The small glitch we had in our order (through NO fault of your own!!) was quickly overcome and our boards arrived in PERFECT shape and in record fast shipping time!! WOW!! My skepticism has been turned into a "fan for life"!!! I will be telling everyone that I know...." You can't go wrong with Paddleboarddirect!!!" Your prices are fantastic, your service is "off the hook" and your boards are exactly as advertised....and then some!!! Gotta go board is drying out!

Terri R. - Virginia Beach, VA

10 minutes and you're on the water - 5 out of 5 stars!
"Excellent service from Paddle Board Direct with order to use in 4 days. These are the first iSUPs we've used and we are impressed with the firmness and tracking. Very easy to inflate with the provided pump. We look forward to many hours of fun. I imagine that we'll upgrade the paddles at some point but the included paddles do the trick to start with.

Anonymous Person-Florida

Buying Experience- 5 out of 5 stars!
"We received our Koa and Betty boards about 3 weeks ago. We have used them every weekend since and a few afternoons after work. They are really nice boards. My niece and I are able to carry them fairly easy and they were super easy to learn to stand up on. Thanks for the great customer service and helpful videos you sent. i would recommend these boards to anyone who wants a nice board at a good price.

-One Happy Paddler in Riverton, Utah

Great Package Deal and Products - 5 out of 5 stars!
"This was a great experience all the way around. I called to find out what was the best fit for my wife's and I boards. They were very helpful and I am pleased with the recommendation and boards we received. The boards arrived in excellent condition and came very quickly. They are extremely well packed. We have used them several times and they work great. The adjustable paddles and bungee attachments all work perfectly and these boards are fun to ride. We use them on a lake in NC. I would recommend purchasing your boards here. They are very customer oriented.

-Mike Elles, NC

"Glenn totally helped me get these awesome boards. He helped lock in the deal that I saw and went out of his way to insure we got just what we wanted. Most likey buy more boards from them. Thanks so much."

-Joe, California

"We were new to paddleboarding. With SO many products out there I had no idea what to order. After three weeks of research I contacted Glenn after reading reviews. His advice was right as was Mike's. We ordered the Cruiser SUP Comfort Top 11'6" for my husband and Cruiser Yoga Mat 10'8" Ultralite Bamboo for me. We are most impressed with the boards, quality of product and service. We discovered a perfect lake/sanctuary to enjoy the boards!! Thank you Glenn & Mike!!!"

-Maria Wren, Springfield, Oregon

"My husband and I recently purchased a pair of paddleboards. We called and spoke with Glenn prior to placing our order. He was knowledgeable and very helpful. Would recommend Paddleboard Direct to others in the market."

-Jodi Esteban, Bradenton, FL

"This inflatable board is perfect for a big guy like me. I am 6'4" and 240 lbs. I had tried other inflatable boards before this and had all but given up on an inflatible board for me. I got the Koa cruiser 10'8" board and I love it. I can just load it in the trunk of my car when I have work by the beach and I am out on the water in minutes. First time out on it I ended up paddling in a pod of dolphins. When I was done I rolled it up, changed and got back to work. Try that with a hard board and company car. "

-Anonymous Person, Riverside, CA

"I own a bamboo/EPS board, but needed an inflatable for the rivers in my area, which get a bit bony in late summer. I also needed one my dog could ride, and the Koa Air 10'8" made good sense due to it's length, width (wanted stable but not a tug boat!), 6" height, and high pressure capability. Love this board and I probably use and abuse it as much as anyone ever would. I shopped around a bit, tried several inflatables, and am very happy with my choice. It's been on rivers, creeks, lakes and the it's plenty stable for my rather large (120 lb,) pup. Combined weight for both of us, plus all my gear is around 260 lbs, and the Koa floats us extremely well. Love the built-in bungees, handles, grippy surface, and the skeg is easy to change out depending on my needs. Two thumbs up!"

-Carmen, Whitefish, MT

"I initially called the staff to help me choose a board that best meets the needs of my family. They quickly guided me to the most appropriate board. It was delivered right up to my lake house in Canada (at extra cost), in no time at all.....I haven't stopped paddling since...the product itself is amazing...sturdy and durable. It's awkward to carry more than 5 minutes, but light. I'm only sorry that my paddle board has to be put to rest for the season."

-Yogimama, Toronto, Canada

"We have had many fun hours on our paddle boards. love the way they fold up and travel. we have taken them down rapids and out on lakes. Fall off a lot and get great excersize. we are all over 65 so its a wonder we can do it at all. we are getting better each time. thank you for your help."

-Terry, Clarkston Wash

"The board is beautiful! The board arrived in great shape and the packing was awesome. I was a little concerned about receiving it with dings but it was pristine. Great job by the shipping department. I have owned over 20 surfboards in my life and this is one of the best as far as workmanship goes. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to paddle and took it to the Texas coast and caught a few small waves with it last weekend. Glad to be entering a new phase in my surfing history(46 years!)"

Gary, Dallas, TX
Product Reviews By Model
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Cruiser V-Max Air Inflatable
V-Max AIR Reviews
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(4)
I love my Cruiser V-Max Air 12"6"  
Reviewer: Rod Perry from Miami, Florida

I have been SUPing for 6 years. The V-Max is my 5th board and my first inflatable. The board has a beautiful outline shape to it. The V-Max is light weight, paddles straight, maintains a good speed and with less side to side paddle changes than any of my other boards.

I averaged 3.8 mph over a 3.1 mile paddle in about an 8 mph head wind, compared to about 3.6mph on my previous boards (in calm winds). The board is very stable and I like the way the nose parts the water. The wake is a very clean one, in other words the board moves through the water almost effortlessly.

I highly recommend this board. Light, tough and fast. I would also like to say that PaddleBoard Direct is a very nice company to deal with.

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Cruiser Koa Air Inflatable
KOA AIR Reviews
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(20)
Great service great boards  
Reviewer: Christina from Maine

I needed three paddle boards, and I needed them fast...I was guided through the process so easily, I wound up with boards that are inflatable, even though I resisted, and we LOVE them! They feel different than our solid boards, but they are fun, light, agile, durable and I can take them with me when I travel!

Great advice, thank you! We are loving them and they arrived in TWO days seriously!!!

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Cruiser Koa Comfort Top
Cruiser KOA
Comfort Top Reviews
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(11)
Great Service, Delivery as promised  
Reviewer: JMC from Tarpon Springs, FL

I ordered my paddleboard via internet. Found a great sales discount. Was concerned about large dollar purchase via internet and cumbersome delivery given the size. PD Direct was quick to respond, provide detailed instructions and ongoing communication about shipping.

Arrived on time, in great shape and the quality exceeded my expectations. One happy 17 yr old in Florida. Would recommend to others.

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Cruiser ECO Dura-Max SUP
Cruiser ECO
Dura-Max SUP Reviews
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(66)
First Board/Delivery  
Reviewer: Chris from Vermont

Thank You Genevieve, Glenn and everyone at Paddleboard Direct. We are brand new to the sport and are very much looking forward to having our entire family evolve with this sport.

The delivery of our board came without a hitch and the board, paddle, bag etc. were all professionally packed and arrived safely. We will be on the board this weekend. Thank you again!!!

10' 4" Cruiser paddleboard  
Reviewer: Jami Marlies from Deep Creek Lake, MD

They are wonderful! What a great sport I can enjoy with my 13 year old daughter and her friends. I bought two and we have a great time on them. They are stable and easy to maneuver. The adjustable paddles are wonderful, too.

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Cruiser Betty Feather-Lite Soft Top SUP
Cruiser Betty
Feather-Lite Soft Top SUP
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(29)
Nice board  
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from South Carolina

This is a very nice board for paddle board yoga and for cruising. I love the soft top surface that provides a lot of "stick" for a hands and feet during yoga and the surface remains cool to the touch. It also provides a slip free and cool surface for my little chihuahua to ride along. I love the carbon paddle with pink carbon blade. This was a very good upgrade as previous paddles have given me a blister.

Love this paddle board  
Reviewer: Lou from Dalls, TX

I bought my wife a board for Christmas. It was delivered exactly as promised and the board is awesome. She loves it. Can't wait for the weather to warm up to see her on it.

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Cruiser KOA Feather-Lite Soft Top SUP
Cruiser Koa
Feather-Lite Soft Top SUP
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(65)
Cruiser SUP Koa DURA-SOFT January 10, 2014
Reviewer: Ray Wirth from Belfast, Maine

We purchased the Koa Dura-soft for use as part of our rental fleet. In the meantime, our family and friends have been using them. We've found them to be user-friendly, high-quality boards. The light weight makes them easy to move around. Once on the water, they provide a good mix of speed and stability, turning and tracking. We love these boards and will be using them for a long time.

Love this paddle board  
Reviewer: Tracy R. from Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

Took my dog out on this for the first run. Works great. So light weight I can easily put it in the water by myself. SUP is wide and easily manageable. My dog took about 5 minutes to get use to it and he loved being out on the water with me. Love it!

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Cruiser Yoga Mat Comfort-Lite SUP
Cruiser Yoga Mat
Comfort-Lite SUP Reviews
5Star Paddleboard Review Rating(29)
Great board!  
Reviewer: Pauline from Santa Cruz, Ca.

From the moment I placed the order on line everything went well. The communication of emailing and voice call were super efficient. Everyone I talk to via email or voice were super nice and educated about the mailing process. I got the board super fast in the mail, just in time for my birthday!

I'm 5'5 190lbs and the board is sure steady for me, easy to cruise in the ocean waters with my dog on the board too. This company and their products are amazing!

Reviewer: Keith from North Carolina

I recently purchased 2 Yoga Mat SUP for my daughter and couldn't be more pleased. Glenn was very helpful and knowledgable on what we needed. Shipping came without a hitch. Boards worked great. One of the adjustable paddles would not tighten properly. No Problem - called Glenn and he sent a replacement without hesitation. Wound recommend without reservation.

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Cruiser Wahine Ultra-Lite Bamboo
Cruiser WAHINE
Ultra-Lite Bamboo
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(48)
Exceptional Customer Service  
Reviewer: Dave from York Springs, PA

It is refreshing to know that real customer service still exist and Glenn and the crew at Paddleboard Direct display it. While experienced kayakers, we are new to paddleboarding so I started out doing online research. I had narrowed my choices to a few when I called Glenn for some insight. He was quite helpful in talking me through the options and trade-offs and I decided on the Wahine Ultra-Lite Bamboo for my athletic wife (Christmas present).

Shipping went without a glitch. Double boxed, wrapped in bubble wrap. Took 15 minutes to unpack and inspect. Received in perfect condition. The board bag was better than I expected and I am pleased with that as well.

Opted for the free paddle primarily because of adjustability. For free it was great, but will experiment in coming months with "correct" length and will likely upgrade to a higher end fixed length paddle. Great experience with the purchase. Waiting for some warmer weather to give the board a try.

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Cruiser Nalu Classic Ultra-Lite Bamboo SUP
Cruiser Nalu Classic
Ultra-Lite Bamboo SUP
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(50)
Love it!  
Reviewer: Julie from Delray Beach, Fl

We ordered 6 paddle boards for our family Christmas gifts. The customer service was outstanding, they personally called to assure us we would receive the boards by Christmas. We love the boards and highly recommend using Paddleboard Direct.

great service  
Reviewer: Christine Campbell from Burlington, Vermont

Not knowing a thing about paddleboards, I spoke for a long time with one of your phone representatives and came away with some knowledge and a feeling that the company had my best interests at heart. I bought 2 boards and was happy to see them arrive with tons of packing and in perfect shape. Now I have to figure out how to paddle!

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Cruiser Kona Classic Ultra-Lite Bamboo SUP
Cruiser Kona Classic
Ultra-Lite Bamboo SUP
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(50)
Impeccable Service  
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Windsor, Ont. Canada

I put my order in at the last minute for a Christmas gift December 15. I was immediately informed of the out-of-stock situation if shipping to Canada and the cost correction (since I didn't change to the Canadian costs). I was provided a number of options in order to receive on time and to save extra costs. A final phone call answered all of my questions, including board selection.

By shipping to terminal and the guaranteed shipping option final order on Wednesday was received by Friday. (The terminal service was also great and they hold for 2 days without charge)

Glenn's service over email exchanges with my numerous questions was professional, friendly and PATIENT. The boards were in perfect condition and are beautiful. The winter has me anxiously waiting to review the board performance but had to share a review on the service of Paddle Board direct.

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Cruiser ECO Dura-Lite 10 6 SUP
Cruiser ECO Dura-Lite 10'6"
Stand Up Paddle Board
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(41)

First time SUP  
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Cary, NC

My wife got on the paddleboard for the first time at the lake and quickly took off without any problem. Our two dogs very soon darted out in the water and swam out two her. Five minutes into her first paddleboard experience my wife and our two dogs were loving the SUP life!

Cruiser ECO Dura-Lite is Great!  
Reviewer: Brandon from Chicago,il

This is a great board, not only does it look great it is awesome on the water. I love taking this board out. The customer service I received was first class! The sales Manger made sure I bought the best board for my current and future needs. Thanks guys!

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Cruiser ECO Dura-Lite 11 6 SUP
Cruiser ECO Dura-Lite 11'6"
Stand Up Paddle Board
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(41)
Paddle Board Purchase  
Reviewer: Sue Giovannone from Michigan

I purchased a pair of boards and could not be happier with my choice. I did choose the lighter weight set, and would recommend these if women are transporting them around. We never used paddleboards before owning our own and had no problems getting right up and paddling around the lake. The service was great and delivery was prompt, I mean really prompt. I ordered the boards on a Tuesday and had them on Friday, enjoyed them that weekend. I would order again from this company & highly recommend them.

Great Board Package & Service  
Reviewer: Lisa from Massachusetts

Thanks to the wonderful folks at PBD. They were helpful in assisting me with my descision as well as making sure I was set with accessories and delivery. The Boards and accessories are great. Smooth ride on ponds and lakes so far. Heading to Cape Cod... cant wait to really use them.

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Cruiser Nalu ALL-Wave Bamboo SUP
Cruiser Nalu ALL-WAVE
Bamboo SUP
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(11)
Nalu All Wave  
Reviewer: David K from North Carolina

The board is well made, looks great, surfs well with multiple fin configurations for versatility. I would recommend to anyone getting into the sport as it seems like a board that you can really grow with

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Cruiser V-Max Platinum Edition Bamboo Touring SUP
Cruiser V-Max 12'6" Platinum Edition
Bamboo Touring SUP
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(4)
Awesome boards and customer service  
Reviewer: Brady from Middlebury Vermont

I pre-ordered two of these boards this past spring and these folks did a great job letting us know when they were going to come and had simple and easy delivery. The boards came perfectly with accessories, and I have to say I love the boards.

Took them out the first day I got them and then cruised the whole of my local lake (4miles). First paddle of the season. I was super stoked. I was unsure about the finish at first. I expected glossy, but it came matte which I prefer now because it doesn't show any scratches. Also the boards are super stable, I have 100lb golden who sits on the board with me as we cruise the lake. The bamboo is awesome touch and am really glad I went for this board because of it. I would suggest Paddleboard Direct in a heart beat. They do a great job and for a great price.

Great/Stable Board  
Reviewer: Matt Hauler from Washington, DC

Purchased the 12'6" board and extremely happy with the board and overall purchase process. The board is great for stable water and recently used in the ocean during a recent vacation. Very stable and the finish is extremely nice. Ordered two of the boards and one was delivered with some damage due to the shipping company. Glenn and his team immediately worked to send another board and it arrived in an extremely timely manner. Very happy with the purchase and would definitely purchase another board from PBD.

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Cruiser V-Max Wahine Bamboo SUP
Cruiser V-Max 11'6" Wahine Bamboo Reviews
5 Star Paddleboard Review Rating(4)
Love this board!  
Reviewer: Sally from Maine

I had tried several boards prior to buying, so I had a good idea of what I was looking for. Glenn was very helpful in answering all of my questions.

The board is very lightweight, stable, and easy to paddle. Tracks straight even when I'm in choppy water. Would gladly recommend this board to anyone!

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