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Why You Don’t Want to Buy a Used Stand Up Paddle Board

When browsing Craig’s List or Facebook Market Place, I am sure you have come across used paddle boards for sale. The price is really low, and the seller swears it is a great board. What could go wrong?

Lots. And here is why.

1 - The Seller Wants It Sold

If someone is trying to sell something, they have one goal. To sell it. Maybe they didn’t like the sport? Maybe they have upgraded and have a new board on order? Both possible, but it is also very possible that the board was damaged in use and has been repaired. Boards can be repaired, but this changes the structure of the board, as well, water damage can occur from a board that has water enter the core. If it was repaired, was it done well and professionally? Is the buyer going to disclose to you the entire history of the board? If they are in a rush to sell it (ie they need the money), that is pretty unlikely.

It is also possible they are selling the board as it is a terrible board. Slow and poor tracking are the most likely reasons for this, but they aren’t likely to tell you that.

2 - Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Like buying a used car, unless you have it looked over by a mechanic, or are mechanic yourself, there can be things wrong with a paddle board, just like a car, that you can’t see just from looking at it. When it comes to buying a stand up paddle board, private sales are very much buyer beware. Do you know how to tell if the board is heavier than it is supposed to be, indicating it has “taken on water”? Do you know how to test a board by tapping it all over with a coin to tell if there are differences in the sound in different areas? If the answer is no to either of those, then best reconsider your plan of buying a used stand up paddle board.

3 - Is It The Right Sized Board For You?

All stand up paddle boards are the same, right?


The wrong sized board can make SUP frustrating, and if really wrong, impossible.   Unless you know all the specifications of the board for sale, and understand fully how to size a stand up paddle board, best pass on buying used and let an expert help you buy a new stand up paddle board. You might pay slightly more than a used board, but it will be the right board for you and in the long run cheaper as you won’t have to replace the used board you wasted your money on.

4 - No Warranty

Private sales are final sales. If you get it home and discover a giant delaminated section of the board, you are stuck with it. And, that “great deal” of board just became a waste of money.

If in reading this last section you had to Google “what is delamination”, buying a used SUP board is not for you.

5 - Boards Live Rough Lives

You found a guy (or girl) that is a hard core paddle boarder. They live near the coast, and they SUP surf everyday. They have a few too many boards, and are selling off one of their favorite boards at a great deal. Sounds perfect?

Again, wrong. That is like buying sports car from a 20 year old kid. That used paddle board has lived a rough life. If they surf every day on it, they wipe out on it every day. They get tumbled in breaking waves everyday, and that board has likely seen its share of heavy impact from waves and shore break. These are all things that weaken a board.

Plus, if they are selling a surf SUP, and you don’t surf, is it even the right board for you? Go back to point #3!

6 - Things Change

Stand up paddle boards have changed a lot since they started getting produced in large scale in 2006. Some of the first boards for all around use were only 27” wide, weighed 40lbs, and by today’s standards, impossible to use. Older boards, compared to newer boards are virtually obsolete both in terms of construction technology, but also shapes and designs. When you buy a 10 year old used stand up paddle board, you might as well pick up a Commodore 64, a Beta VCR (or any VCR for that matter), and invest some money in a print only media company while you are at it. Wine and Scotch age well, SUP boards don’t.

Is it Ever OK to Buy a Used SUP?

There are a few ways you can do it, and likely make out OK, including:

  • Buying a rental board from a rental company you have used. It will likely be in pretty rough shape, but there is a chance you have used that board and know what it is like. And, as they are a business, the hope is that they will at least help you make sure it is a proper fit and sizing for you.
  • Buying a demo board from a shop or brand representative. Again, takes some of the risk out of things as you are buying from someone knowledgeable about boards. They can at least help you with the sizing aspect.
  • You know everything about SUP’s, have done your research, have searched out an exact board, can assess its condition, and then negotiate a fair price for it based on condition.

What are Options to Buying a Used Stand Up Paddle Board>

One word. Clearance.

We always have boards on clearance. Past model years, discontinued color ways, and overstock all get marked down heavily. In our clearance section, you can save hundreds off regular pricing as well as:

  • Still get full manufacturers warranty, and in the case of Cruiser SUP’s, that is 2 years on nearly model
  • Get to talk to our expert staff to select the best size for you. If you call us about a board that you see in clearance and we don’t think it is the right size or style, we will tell you. We aren’t going to sell you a board that doesn’t work for you.
  • Free Shipping. No need to burn 2 hours driving to pick up a used board, when we will ship a completely new, fully warrantied board right to your door for free.

Shop our Clearance Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale Now!

You Don't Want to Buy a Used Paddle Board

If I had a nickel for every time I have had a customer start a Live Chat with “I bought a used board, but it wasn’t the right size and I need to replace it”, I would have a really big nickel collection.

There are a lot of used boards available, but, there are also a lot of great deals on new boards. When you factor in the time savings, warranty, and peace of mind of buying new, buying a used paddle board is just not a path you want to take.


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