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 Heat Warning


Do not expose your SUP board to excessive heat or sunlight when not in use. Whenever you are not using your SUP board (either during storage or transport to/from the beach) particular care and attention should be made to protect the board from the sun and heat.

Do not leave your board in the bubble wrap that it ships in. Once you receive your board, immediately remove it from the bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can cause the board to heat up excessively and cause any/all of the issues covered below.

Excessive exposure to the sun and/or heat can result in the following unavoidable and undesirable consequences to particularly the deck pad which can become :
- Distorted in size and/or quality.
- Unstuck from the board.
- Significant fading of colour.
- Breakdown of EVA deck pad or soft top.

These undesirable consequences are not covered under Warranty as they are due to a user or storage problem, and not related to the manufacturing or material quality of your product.

We suggest the following:
Keep board in shade as much as possible.
When not in use at the beach or lake, turn your board over so the bottom is facing up.
Park in a shaded spot. If you frequently park in hot sun with board on roof, in addition to bottom facing up, we suggest use Cruiser Deluxe board bag to reflect the sun. Open board bag zipper when in hot sun, so bag can vent.