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What Else Can I Do On A Stand Up Paddle Board Other Than Paddle?

We are glad you asked! While hitting the water for a calm paddle certainly is great and the core of the sport, there are a ton of different things that you can also do on your paddle board. Don’t believe us? Read on!

SUP Yoga

Get out of the studio and onto the water. SUP Yoga adds an entirely new element of challenge to your practice in terms of balance as your board moves with the motion of the water. Added bonus is lots of fresh air and sunshine.

Pro Tip – look for calm water, use an anchor, and ideally a board suitable for Yoga

SUP Fishing

Get to the secret hot spots that boats just can’t get to, and have a ton of fun on the way. Fishing can be done on any board, but SUP Fishing boards are a little more specialized with lots of mounting points for gear holders and bungee tie downs.

Pro tip – remember that you still have to paddle home after fishing, so save some energy. Big and stable in terms of board is ideal so you aren’t fighting your balance while fishing. Check out these great SUP Fishing board options.

Have A Picnic

Why not! Pack a dry bag or cooler with your favorite snacks and take a mid paddle break.

Pro Tip – make sure you have lots of drinks to re-hydrate and avoid really salty food so not to speed up dehydration.

A young couple with their dog and child sitting on SUP boards

White Water Paddle Boarding

As long as the water is deep enough to clear your fins, and the water is moving, you can try white water paddling. It may take a little while to get used to the different sensation of your board constantly moving, and using paddle brace strokes to stay up. Start small in terms of conditions and work your way up.

Pro TipGo inflatable!  Inflatables can handle the abuse that white water can dish out. Head into white water with a non-inflatable and better plan on doing some board repairs.

SUP Surf

Frustrated on the small days when the waves don’t look good? That is thing of the past if you have a SUP board, as a paddle board can turn even the smallest wave days into tons of fun. Don’t surf already? Not to worry, SUP surfing is actually easier to learn than standard or prone surfing as you are already standing up!

Pro Tip – start out on small surf days, and make sure you are already comfortable paddling in flat water. Want to up your wave game? Check out some more specialized SUP surf boards that will be looser and more maneuverable than a standard all around board.

SUP with Your Kids

There is no better way to spend time with your kids than stand up paddle boarding. You are outdoors, getting exercise, and spending time together. If they aren’t old enough to paddle on their own, let them ride on the front of your board. Then, as they get old let them try to paddle themselves!

Pro Tip – Keep it fun. If they are riding with you on your board, ideally your board has a full length or full wrap deck pad and is stable enough for your weight and theirs. Check out this article for some more great tips on paddle boarding with your kids.

Paddle with Your Dog

If your dog likes water, he or she will love to SUP. We get countless pictures from customers having a great time on the water with their faithful friend firmly planted on the nose of their board.

Pro Tip – if you are getting a board to paddle with your dog, get an all around board with a full length, or full wrap deck pad that is large enough to easily support the total weight of you and your pooch. Keep nails trimmed short and dull as sharp nails can be very tough on your board! Don’t overlook inflatables as well, they are plenty durable for paddle with your dog and much easier to store and transport.

A woman and her dog riding a Cruiser SUP stand up paddle board


Just follow the shore line and see what you find. Hidden bays, scenery, and solitude are just some of the things you are likely to find touring on your paddle board.

Pro Tip – you can tour on any all around paddle board, but if you really want to cover distance quickly check out some of these great touring options.

Still don’t believe us that you can do more on a SUP board than just paddle? Did we miss something that you do on your SUP board? Drop us a line at or comment below as we would love to hear it!

Two women enjoying stand up paddle boarding with their dog